Mika T.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Women's Classes  Women's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

I love Westside Training center!! I have started seeing results all around. I feel stronger, more toned, disciplined, more stamina, healthier mentally and have a better overall self-image thanks to you guys! So seriously, I can't thank the instructors and family members enough for all the help and creating such a great environment. I just want to say to all the ladies...get off the treadmill and join Westside!!!

Damaris A. 

West Side Training Center Testimonials  West side trianing center testimonials

I've learned so much, and met so many great friends at Westside!  Plus, the instructors rock!  They are patient and wonderful teachers.  I never thought it would be possible to have this much fun working out.

Claudia Z. 

The Kettle Bell Fitness class is amazing!!!  Not only are you toning and having fun while doing it, but Westside becomes a Second Happy Family to whomever joins. Thank u Westside for jump starting my journey of not being scared of weights .... Love u guys, You are the BEST !!!

Yolanda G

WSTC has really kept me movitaed to get fit and stay healthy.  This place is amazing! I can't wait to reach my goal. The instructors rock, the workouts kick ass, my energy is more, and I've got all the support I need to keep pushing! Fun too!! I'm so glad I joined this training center. Thanks for introducing me to this place Fernando... Love it!

Lucy V.   

You guys freakin rock! The best, most efficient burn EVER! Hands down the best place to train in town. From body weight to weighted exercises; Fernando Escobar, Jose Diaz, Duke your classes push the limits that build muscle and core strength as well shaping the entire body. I am forever changed! Keep up the great work!